[mythtv] mythtranscode - floating point exception

Lukas Kasprowicz lukas.kasprowicz at online.de
Sat Jan 7 02:46:21 UTC 2006

Am Samstag, 7. Januar 2006 01:06 schrieb Geoffrey Hausheer:
> On 1/6/06, Lukas Kasprowicz wrote:
> > > > 2006-01-06 16:11:53.043 Parser not found for Codec Id: 94211 !
> So this IS a red herring.  It has nothing to do with the error you are
> seeing.
> > This time i executed it without the script:
> >
> > std.txt - output with -v all while running in gdb
> > gdb.txt - ...
> Would it be possible for you to send me the 1st 2MB of the file so I
> can debug further.  I'm not sure how this can happen, but it is likely
> due to stream #1 being a data stream.  It should be an easy fix, but I
> don't see the problem looking at the code riht now.
File is to obtain here:


After ~ 3% of the video a new audio stream appears. this should be a ac3(5.1) 
stream. Maybe this could produce the error. I can send you more video if you 
want to/ if it is needed.

I used dd to get the first 2 Mb i do not know if the file is corrupted.

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