[mythtv] Firewire Problems (DCT6200)

Bryan Murphy bryan at terralab.com
Fri Jan 6 00:19:58 UTC 2006

Steve Adeff wrote:
> On Thursday 05 January 2006 13:38, Jeremy Muhlich wrote:
>> plugctl -n 0 oPCR[0].channel=63
>> plugctl -n 0 oPCR[0].bcast_connection=1
>> plugctl -n 0 oPCR[0].n_p2p_connections=1 # plugreport will still show 0!
>> If it still won't sent video after that, sometimes I can make it work by
>> forcing a firewire bus reset with gscanbus.  In a few cases, I've needed
>> to power cycle the cable box and rerun plugctl.  I haven't been able to
>> nail down a sequence of operations that makes the box work 100% of the
>> time after connection, but just those plugctl commands does the job most
>> of the time.
>> Does anyone with a non-Via chipset need to do this plugctl junk?
>>  -- Jeremy
> MythTV (SVN at least) does those plugctl changes manually, so it shouldn't be 
> required, but for those just changing channels via firewire, I notice it 
> does.
> As for your bus resets, etc. I've not had to do that with my DCT6200.  I'm 
> using NEC firewire chipset.
> What I have noticed is that, and I'm still testing to see the exact 
> circumstances, my box will alternate which of its two firewire ports its 
> willing to output video on.
> Right now I've noticed that if I'm not watching live tv through it it will 
> switch, its done it ~4 times on me in the last 5hrs. I'm going to play livetv 
> for the next few hours to see if it does it in the middle of output, etc. 
> Thank god for a Battlestar Galactica marathon on Sci-Fi.
I'm having trouble with test-mpeg2 at the moment.  It's refusing to 
capture anything, but it had no problem recording David Letterman last 
night!  I tried Jeremy's suggestion to no avail.  Whatever is happening 
right now unfortunately appears to be at a very low level.  I guess that 
puts a higher priority on a different firewire card.


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