[mythtv] OSX backend alpha test

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Wed Jan 4 22:46:09 UTC 2006

I'm still on vacation and away from my hardware (you wouldn't believe
what fun it is waiting for compilation on an old iBook G3), so I'm
unable to test it, but I now have code that builds and "should work."
If anyone would like to try it and report back, I'd be very grateful.
It would be useful to turn on whatever switch allows MythTV to do its
most verbose logging, so we can see what goes wrong.  This code
ignores all the firewire port and channel settings, and instead uses
the first device it can find from which to capture MPEG for recording,
and the first device with tuning capability for channel changing.  As
a bonus, it should be able to turn on your cable box via firewire if
the box has that capability.

The enclosed patch requires that you have Apple's FireWireSDK20
installed on the machine that does the build.  Use the patched version
of contrib/osx-packager.pl with -enable-backend.  The patch was made
against revision 8336, so I suppose you should checkout that revision
and use -nohead as well if you want to be sure of reproducing the same
environment I'm using.  I'll probably try updating to head in the next
few days.

Enjoy, and of course, caveat emptor

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