New issue affect old previously unaffected build [WAS Re:[mythtv] Re: Ticket #900: HDTV at greater than 1.0 speed stutters

Steve Adeff adeffs at
Wed Jan 4 13:46:48 EST 2006

Just to let you all know, the problem is solved.

Either my hdd is dieing or just got really corrupt some how. I ended up having 
to hose my db and build a new one. I'll have to figure out how to import my 
old recordings now. I moved my db to my other computer which should help, and 
I'll definitely be backing up my db more often (would be a great built-in 
feature!). I'll also be looking into getting a new HDD for my root filesystem 
on my Mythbox

As a side note, I started running SVN around 7700 and after creating the new 
database at 8306 lots of features have started to work more properly. Why 
this is I don't bother to ask, but I'm happy =)


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