[mythtv] DVB Full Scan freq tables

Carlos Fdez Manteiga churly at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 03:23:09 UTC 2006


I've just uploaded a patch to enable DVB full scan here at Spain (UHF
21-69), but I think MythTV should be more universal. I mean, doing a
full scan on all available freqs to the DVB card, just like analog TV
or others apps like Kaffeine.

Perhaps this was already discussed, and it's not done because the
card/driver can fail if a invalid freq is tuned but, what about
creating three options?:


And their respective min/max freqs so a DVB-S card doesn't get
confused with DVB-T freqs and so on.

Greets and happy new year!

CINeol - http://www.cineol.net

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