[mythtv] zoom for non-4:3/16:9

Preston Crow pc-mythtv05c at crowcastle.net
Tue Jan 3 21:01:59 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-03 at 20:16 +0000, Simon Kenyon wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 January 2006 19:31, Preston Crow wrote:
> > I have a 16:9 TV, so when watching a standard-definition letterboxed
> > show, I hit 'w' to zoom in and fill the screen.  Great feature!
> >
> > I've noticed that some shows are in some in-between format, where they
> > have smaller black bars at the top and bottom.  I don't know the exact
> > aspect ratio, but it seems to be common on BBC America.  Having the zoom
> > feature for this aspect would be really nice.  (Is there a name for that
> > format?)
> my tv has a 14:9 mode - that could be it



It's a format developed by the BBC for 16:9 material that is broadcast
on a 4:3 (12:9) channel.  Apparently they found that 14:9 is the best
compromise between cropping footage and black bars.

Oh, and shouldn't the zoom mode be a setting in the recording options
along with other playback defaults like the speed?  (I don't ask for
much, do I?)


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