[mythtv] OSD positioning problem...

mythtv at merkx.demon.nl mythtv at merkx.demon.nl
Tue Jan 3 20:01:54 UTC 2006


Ever since I switched from 0.18.1 to SVN, the OSD position has been wrong
for me: way too much to the right and too low (the top left corner of the
OSD is almost in the centre of the screen).

After fiddling with some settings I found out the following: I normally
have Aspect Override in Setup->Settings->Playback set to "4:3 Zoom".
If I set this back to "4:3" (the default), then the position is Okay.
If I then set Aspect Override to 4:3 Zoom from the LiveTV OSD Menu, the
position stays okay.

Also, sometimes the fonts used by the OSD display are way bigger than they
should be. Have not discovered how to reliably reproduce this...

This is with SVN 8475 (and earlier, probably back to ~7980 or so), using
the Titivillus Theme & Titivillus OSD.

Should I make a ticket for this? (not able to provide a patch myself,
tried investigating, but do not understand the OSD code; some things are
better left alone ;-)


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