[mythtv] MythMusic GUI changes

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Tue Jan 3 11:04:13 UTC 2006

> My intention for mythmusic was for the tree on the playback 
> screen to go away 
> and be replaced by the tree from the create playlists screen.
> Isaac

I'm not sure that fixes many of the usability problems by itself; and I personally don't like losing large areas of screen real-estate in the way the playback-tree does. I actually think the MythMusic look and feel is quite good but there were a few problems not fixed by a new tree. You need several views: active playlist, library by artist, library by genre, playlists, and you need a search capability. And you need to flick between these views easily.

So really the problem is you need a lot of trees (or one BIG one). If this is implemented as one tree, you are endlessly going left and right as per today. So I implemented as separate trees that you can cycle through using left/right. It sounds like a small point but it massively reduces keystrokes. To go from the whats-playing view to the artist list you hit "right" instead of "left, up, right".

I threw some screenshots onto a server as it helps to explain ...

Active playlist view ...

Hitting right gets to an artist view, which can be browsed using U/D/Select...

And hitting left gets a search screen with keyboard ... & you can browse the results ...


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