[mythtv] MythMusic GUI changes

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Tue Jan 3 01:08:26 UTC 2006


I have been working on some GUI improvements in MythMusic -- its coming
along ok & hopefully will finish before my holidays do, so wanted to check
firstly that the owner of this code does not object and secondly that I'm
not repeating what someone else is doing.

The look and feel has not changed much; but as a taster -- here is what I
have so far.

1. I've built several views into the tree. By default you see the "Active
Play Queue" but at full width (equivelant to show-whole-tree being false)
because I don't like the way that you lose 1/4 of the screen when
show-whole-tree is enabled.   Up and down work as before but left and right
cycle between
        Active playlist
        Artist list
        Genre list
        Playlist list
        Search facility

2. In any of these screens you can use up/down/select to browse the catalog,
browsing into Artists/Albums etc as you wish

3. In any of these screens hitting PLAY will play that item (e.g. on an
artist plays everything by that artist etc).

4. The search facility lets you type a few characters and it lists all the
artists that match.  To do this, I implemented a new Myth widget called a
MythKeyboard, which shows you a picture of a keyboard and lets you use
up/down/left/right/select to type.  For good measure I have also attached
this to MythLineEdit and MythRemoteLineEdit types, so hitting MENU in any
text input field now displays a keyboard.

5. Some suprtficial changes - adding icons, and a few minor changes to the
theme (removing the play,ffwd icons to make the artwork bigger), though
there is no code changes there, just theme.

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