[mythtv] Strange timing problems

Jean-Michel Pulfer jpulfer.0001 at citycable.ch
Mon Jan 2 21:17:37 UTC 2006

Is anyone else having timing problems with svn8475 and record timing?

Recordings, including LiveTV, seem to be timed approximately 30/25 too 
slow, meaning that a recording of one 1-hour show seem to clock only 50 
minutes worth. Actually the recording is fine, but the OSD "stops 
counting" at 50 minutes, even if the player still plays the 10 remaining 
minutes. One cannot mark the recording past those 50 minutes.

After transcoding with a transparent encoder, the file seems to be 
corrected. Maybe this has something to do with the recordedmarkup table?

Setup is AMD64X2, 1xPVR350, 1xPVR150, svn8475. I seem to remember that 
it used to work before svn8350 or so. Could this be related to ticket #868?

Thanks in advance for any hint!

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