[mythtv] commflag debugging

Jim Westfall jwestfall at surrealistic.net
Mon Jan 2 15:25:43 EST 2006

Daniel Chassot <daniel.chassot at gmail.com> wrote [01.02.06]:
> When editing the show in mythtv, it is not (everywhere) seekable, the
> displayed size of the movie is wrong.

Yeah as part of my testing I tried to --rebuild the postitionMap to see if 
it would fix it being short 15K frames, but it just made it worse.  The 2 
hour show went from 1:50 with the original map down to 37 minutes and 66k 

> I'v noticed in the log that more position map are inserted when the
> keyframe distance is set to 1 and this corresponds the the place where
> the file becomes seekable.
> looking in avformatdecoder.cpp around line 794, I found that the
> keyframe distance is initially set to 15 except for AVI file because
> the avi keyframes are too irregular. As it seems to be my problem too
> for my DVB recordings, I've commented out the line 794: if
> (!strcmp(fmt->name, "avi")).

This fixed the map for me and made the commflag breaks match up right when 


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