New issue affect old previously unaffected build [WAS Re: [mythtv] Re: Ticket #900: HDTV at greater than 1.0 speed stutters

Steve Adeff adeffs at
Mon Jan 2 12:53:34 EST 2006

On Sunday 01 January 2006 21:23, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 20:59 -0500, Steve Adeff wrote:
> > I'm noticing the stuttering on PVR-150 content, it just takes a lot
> > longer between stuttering. I just don't get it. Is there some files that
> > make uninstall isn't removing that could be causing this?
> Is it possible that you upgraded your ALSA/OSS drivers by upgrading the
> kernel, or changed your BIOS settings?
> See ticket #897 for an example on how changing sound card drivers or
> BIOS settings can cause stuttering.
> -- Daniel

I checked #897, verified with mplayer that the problem is with Myth. I was 
able to playback HDTV recordings, SD recordings, and some of my HD -> xvid 
transcodes (that use the original AC3 track) all without audio stuttering.

I also built Myth on my spare machine (An almost exact duplicate setup) and it 
plays back fine without stuttering.

If you think that it could be a compile issue I can try compiling it on my 
other machine and copy the files over to my Mythbox and install them to see 
if that changes things?

So very confused...

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