[mythtv] Marking programmes as 'previously seen/recorded'

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Jan 1 17:56:46 EST 2006

Stuart Morgan wrote:

>>because you'll see those recordings ahead of time in upcoming recordings
>>and can remove them
>If I have to constantly review what is going to be recorded or fill up my 
>space with unwanted recordings that defeats the purpose of an automated 
>system. Ideally I shouldn't have to babysit Myth. I should be able to 
>configure/schedule when I want then walk away - for weeks maybe.
>Anyway you don't have to use the feature, you can just ignore it. People have 
>different expectations of Myth and that is already reflected in the current 
>work. e.g. I don't see the point or need of the "Set Priorities" screen but 
>someone obviously did and so the option exists. I don't need or use the 
>playgroup facility but it is there for those who want it.
Of course.  I was just noting that only in the case where you use a 
great deal of "automatic" rules that are not recording specific shows 
but a category or group would this matter.  Otherwise, you are choosing 
to record it and it would seem unnecessary to pre-exclude such a 
recording.   I'm sure we can all agree that we look forward to the 
enhancement being posted.


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