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Thu Feb 23 20:31:07 UTC 2006

he must be getting something right.

I have two Twinhan Vision+ and a Nova-T. I used to get about 5% failed
recordings with the old point in time tuning code, and now don't get any
on the Twinhan cards. The Nova-T still has occasional problems tuning
which are known about (hopefully fixed by the latest delay change when I
get chance to update).

Maybe the reason the other programs don't have so many issues is that the=
don't get hit so hard as MythTV. I find it very likely that MythTV has
many more users doing more recordings on more hardware than any of the
other programs, as it's clearly the no.1 PVR on Linux.

I use mplayer and tzap/scan sometimes for testing and if they fail to tun=
I just try again (yes, I have seen tzap fail to tune on the first
attempt). If MythTV fails to tune then I get a missed recording and
usually an earful from the wife as well - that I care about!



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