[mythtv] LIRC problems with SVN 9171

Johan Venter johan at vulturest.com
Tue Feb 28 22:41:53 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>> Go here: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/1409
>> I'll figure out how to apply them and recompile.
> As long as you're figuring it out, I'll preemptively tell you that the 
> patch is a DOS-format patch file, so you'll get a warning from patch 
> about "Stripping trailing CR's".  This is nothing to worry about--just 
> the patch program fixing the file for you.

Oops. Sorry about that.

Will ensure all patches I create in future are Unix text files.

Anyway, the patch was applied by Isaac in 9173, so shouldn't be any need 
to manually patch if you're running head.


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