[mythtv] LIRC problems with SVN 9171

Christopher Rodd cmrodd at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 21:46:48 UTC 2006


I'm having some difficulty getting LIRC to work
compiling from SVN 9171.  LIRC support is compiled in
according to ./configure and ldd but mythfrontend does
not open a socket.  Other programs such as xine and
irw work fine.  Xine works when started from Mythvideo
too.  ldd shows mythfrontend and libmythui-0.19 are
both compiled against liblirc_client.so.  Nothing has
changed on my box (no yum updates or anything) since I
compile 0.19 release from source a couple weeks ago
and LIRC worked fine then.  I've rebooted several
times to see if that would fix things but no luck

Any ideas what could be going on?  I haven't been able
to find errors in the logs to diagnose the situation.

Thanks for any help.


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