[mythtv] Undefined Symbols on OS X with current svn

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Feb 27 07:22:56 UTC 2006

> ld: Undefined symbols:
> __Z17GetMythMainWindowv

	This UI stuff has now been removed from libmyth.
It has been in libmythui for ages. See r9156.

	Sadly, the default OS X link flags are strict.
They want to check each and every symbol.

	I just tried making libmyth depend on libmythui,
and reordering SUBDIRS in libs.pro to that libmythui
is built first but that causes other problems
(libmythui also depends on libmyth - cross dependencies)

	At the moment, I am trying to doctor the link line.
(e.g. -single_module -undefined warning,
       -undefined dynamic_lookup,
Will check in when I get something that seems to work.

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