[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1354: MythVideo fails to display files with square brackets in properly

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Feb 26 01:16:25 UTC 2006

On 02/21/06 13:12, Ian Forde wrote:

>On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 14:18 +0000, Colin Guthrie wrote:
>>Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>There seem to be two issues here--one of which may not be a bug:
>>>    1) Text inside square brackets in a filename is removed when 
>>>"autogenerating" a video name.
>>>    2) When two videos have the same video name, only one of them is 
>>>visible in MythVideo.
>>>I would argue that 1) is not a bug, but 2) is.
>Case 1 isn't a bug.  IIRC, it's correct (and intended) behavior, going
>back aways.  This way you can have a "comment" in the filename without
>it being displayed within Myth... Can't find anything in the list
>archives though, but I could swear there's been discussion on this
>sometime in the last 3 years... ;)
Which is exactly what I said in my post (which was cut from Colin's reply).

>>Does MythVideo automatically set "Browse = 0" for the second video, thus 
>>hiding it from display?
No.  MythVideo just can't display two videos with the same name in 
gallery view.

>> Does it also set "Play after: 2nd Movie" for the 
>>first movie?
Generally it can figure it out, but it depends a lot on how you name the 
"part 2" video...

>>Say I have aquired a video from some source or other that has files named:
>>My Movie [Part 1 of 2].avi
>>My Movie [Part 2 of 2].avi
>>(or similar).
>>Ideally, IMO, I only want to see one listing in MythVideo for this movie 
>>(in playback mode, not in the Video Manager where two entries is 
OK, but you're talking about a completely different topic!  That applies 
for parts of the same movie, but is not the case for multiple movies 
with the same name--which was the point of my post (which you've cut 
from the reply)...

>> I wan the movie to appear as "My Movie" (I don't care how 
>>many parts are in it when I'm watching it), and I want MythMovie to 
>>automatically play part 2 when part 1 finishes....
>>If this is what MythMovie is doing (i'm not able to test this 100% at 
>>the mo'), then I say this is very definatly a feature rather than a bug 
>>(albeit a feature that should be documented better/FAQ'ed up a little!)
>Agreed.  (You meant MythVideo, right?)  In fact, I hadn't thought of
>that until you mentioned it.  It would be a great idea and should
>probably be on a MythVideo page somewhere on the wiki...

If you document it, please document it correctly...  I.e. the state of 
the "browse" flag is *completely* determined by the MythVideo setting

Newly scanned files are browsable by default
If set, newly scanned files in the Video Manager will be marked as 
browsable and will appear in the 'Browse' menu.

and mention that the name is *just* a "best guess" and that the user 
should edit the name in the database using Video Manager or MythWeb (and 
the user should not expect MythVideo to read his/her mind) and that the 
name in the database can be completely different from the filename on 
the filesystem.


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