[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1381: Slow keyboard response over

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Feb 26 01:14:06 UTC 2006

> #1381: Slow keyboard response over network

>  But isn't is quite possible that there is some flakey code which is
>  causing keystroke events to only be processed after the select() times
>  out?  I very much think so.

Then look for it and submit a patch.

>  I also think it is a bit rich to close a valid ticket without properly
>  considering the validity of the complaint - and to just say it is
>  unsupported.  There are plenty of other users with similar problems.  And
>  you cannot really just write-off the X-protocol  - it was designed
>  specifically to work in the way I am using it.

It is unsupported.  If you or others are having this problem and want it to
work, then you'll have to troubleshoot it yourself.  It works fine here and
I doubt any of the other core developers are experiencing (or maybe even
trying) this because none of them spoke up when I closed the original ticket.
I also don't recall seeing these "plenty of other users" posting questions
about this on either the -users or -dev mailing lists.

>  No wonder MythTV is so bug-ridden.

Yeah, that's going to get me to debug this issue for you, sure...
I think the way it usually goes is the developers first fix the bugs that
bug them, then they fix bugs that users help debug, then if they're feeling
considerate they debug other problems that no one wants to help with other
than just saying "feature X is broken."


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