[mythtv] Internal dvd player: patch from ffmpeg alias to address mpeg sequence end codes.

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 21:09:50 UTC 2006


For folks who are testing the internal dvd player, and using DVB, please
apply the attached patch I got from the ffmpeg alias.
Let me know if it breaks DVB playback.


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From: elupus <elupus at ecce.se>
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Subject: RE: [Ffmpeg-devel] Demuxing still pictures in dvd's II
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Had a look at this again, think I found a solution similar to stanley
kamithi. Had some problems understanding ff_find_start_code, maybe some
documentation on that function is in order, pain to understand what happens
in different cases :).

Anyway attatched is a patch that hopefully should fix this. I've not
verified it in our own dvd player yet, however maybe stanley could in his.
The difference between this one and stanley's is just that it only check the

last state found. I don't think this should cause any problems. So the only
change will be if no startframe is found in the buffer.

Found some other odity too.. If buffer is empty (eof) no startcode will be
found in the first loop, so frame_start_found will never be set to true.
Means no end will be found either. Is the idea behind the function to first
make sure there is a frame contained in the buffer and then find the end
code? Wouldn't it be better to make sure the caller knows there is a frame
in the buffer and only look for the end (ie start of next frame or
SEQ_END_CODE whatever comes first).


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