[mythtv] LiveTV playback stops at end of shows

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Thu Feb 23 16:51:11 UTC 2006

On Thursday 23 February 2006 10:03, Chris Bagwell wrote:
> > It's a duplicate.  Someone that this is still happening to with current
> > SVN needs to either add some extra debugging to the
> > RingBuffer::ReadAheadThread() function to see why it's not ever reading
> > data from the new file, or hop onto IRC (#mythtv, irc.freenode.net) and
> > help debug it there.
> If I'm on the right track, I think my problem is only a duplicate of people
> that are taking the "local" file code path.
> By putting in some extra logging, I think that the frontend is switching
> correctly to the new file and reading data from it.  After reading a little
> data, something is requesting a Seek() operation and
> RingBuffer::safe_read() starts returning 0 bytes from that point on.

This was fixed last night. =)  Thanks a lot for actually trying to debug 
things, though.


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