[mythtv] LiveTV playback stops at end of shows

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Wed Feb 22 04:00:59 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 February 2006 22:32, Chris Bagwell wrote:
> Hi all,
> I decided to upgrade my mythbox to Fedora Core 5 Test 3 and latest SVN
> of MythTV.  I'm seeing LiveTV playback stopping at an end of shows;
> similar to other reports.  Lockup rate is about 3 out of 4 show
> transitions. Exiting and reentering LiveTV cures the problem.
> I'm new to SVN so I don't know what version I'm using but I ran "svn
> update" Feb 21st 8:00am.  I'm using ivtv driver and xvmc on via and
> everything runs on 1 box (frontend is local).
> Sorry to waste bandwidth but I hope this "mythfrondend -v playback" log
> helps.  I tried to trim out the repeating data and just provide unique.
> I'm not sure what to look for specifically but I'll try to debug further.
> Also, I'll be glad to write a ticket but it wasn't obvious to me if my
> problem was unique or a duplicate of the other mentions on the mailing
> list.

It's a duplicate.  Someone that this is still happening to with current SVN 
needs to either add some extra debugging to the RingBuffer::ReadAheadThread() 
function to see why it's not ever reading data from the new file, or hop onto 
IRC (#mythtv, irc.freenode.net) and help debug it there.


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