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Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Wed Feb 22 01:37:07 UTC 2006

>> #1340: playback halts during LiveTV at end of show from remote frontends
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>> Comment (by anonymous):
>>  I am having this EXACT SAME issue, Myth eventually leaks memory and
>>  crashes. PLEASE fix this
> To Anyone that is having this issue and using a network share to access
> their recorded files, this appears to be related to file attribute caching
> at the NFS/SMB/Cifs layer.
> If you are using NFS, please remount your video partition with the
> "-o actimeo=0" option which will disable this attribute caching and allow
> the frontend to see updates from the backend quicker.
> if you are using SMB/Cifs, you can try the ttl option using "-o ttl=100"
> which should set your timeout lower than the default.  The default is
> supposed to be 1000ms which equals 1 second, but one user has reported
> that
> setting ttl=100 corrected the issue for him, so SMB users can give it a
> try.
> You don't really need (or want) file attribute caching on a dedicated
> video
> share anyway since you always want to see the latest information.  The
> caching has little effect on this filesystem since it there are relatively
> few files compared to a normal filesystem and these "few" files are only
> accessed once in a while.

I take it that using the same option in fstab will work as well? Just that
I applied this change last night and it made no difference at all :-(

zeus:/mnt/store         /mnt/store      nfs            
rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,intr,nfsvers=3,actimeo=0     0 0

Since I'm running a nfs root file system (diskless combined be/fe), will
the attributes of the root filesystem (caching etc) propagate down through
the mount point or will the new mount attaching to a point within the root
filesystem override this.

Can't see a way of overriding the attributes of the root filesystem (can I
do a remount of a root nfs system?) from the network grub command line.
I'll experiment some more with this anyway.

Is there a simple way to find out what the current mount parameters are on
a running system? Be handy to see if the changes 'stick' !! I guess there
is something in the /proc filesystem. Hmmm - more playing...


Robin Gilks

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