[mythtv] NFS shared livetv log

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Tue Feb 21 14:54:01 UTC 2006

Chris Pinkham wrote:
>>> Please try remounting your nfs-shared directories on the client end
>>> with the "-o actimeo=0" option and see if that fixes the problem.
>> I saw your post about that earlier, but what if I'm using CIFS? Will 
>> that option still work?
> Not sure, check the manpage on your system to see if there is an
> option to disable file attribute caching.
This seems like it would be the one, but at the default 1 second, it 
should still work, no? In my logs, it tries for 17 seconds, and I know 
there is data there, I can see it even from the frontend. Perhaps the 
retry method isn't working right?

              sets how long a directory listing is cached in 
milliseconds (also affects visibility of file size and date
              changes). A higher value means that changes on the server 
take longer to be noticed but it can give better
              performance  on  large  directories,  especially over long 
distances. Default is 1000ms but something like
              10000ms (10 seconds) is probably more reasonable in many 
cases. (Note: only kernel 2.4.2 or later)

I won't be able to test it until tonight.


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