[mythtv] Frequent segmentation faults with MythMusic 0.19

Brent Fisher brentfisher at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 18 17:22:58 UTC 2006

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>Brent Fisher wrote:
>>I've been experiencing frequent crashes with MythMusic for a while now 
>>and I've managed to capture a back trace for one of them.  This 
>>happened with 0.18 but I didn't do anything about it thinking that it 
>>would likely be fixed in 0.19.  I've upgraded to 0.19, but the problem 
>>It seems to occur most often with returning to the "now playing" 
>>screen after editing the playlist.  While I'm able to reproduce it 
>>quite easily, I haven't yet determined if there is a particular 
>>pattern that causes it.  I just switch between the playlist editing 
>>screen and the main screen changing the playlist each time.  Sometimes 
>>it crashes, sometimes it doesn't.
>>I'm using Goom as the visualization.  I haven't tried changing this or 
>>turning it off yet.
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I'm not sure what point your response is attempting to convey due to you 
economy of words.  I have attached the output from gdb to the original 
post.  Is there something wrong with it?

Thanks in advance,

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