[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1139: Add HD, CC, and Stereo indicators

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Tue Feb 14 20:25:21 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 18:41, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Simon Kenyon wrote:
> > <flame>
> > may i ask why this was closed?
> >
> > it makes no difference to me (i don't have HD or CC)
> > but fixed implies that it is completely "fixed" when it is not
> > it is 3/4 fixed
> > that is why i reopened it. did you close it because it was in fact
> > completely fixed.
> > i don't think so. you closed it because i didn't comment on -dev
> Quite simply, I closed it because from a functionality standpoint, the
> support for the indicators is present in the code.  This is not a
> mission critical feature but a nicety in the UI.  Having it present in
> every theme is nice, but not required and it is also trivial for someone
> who maintains the Minimalist-wide theme to add.  Having never used that
> theme or have any -wide equipment, it was enough for me to close my own
> Task ticket to add the indicators to all the non-wide themes leaving the
> -wide implementation to a dev that can test it properly.  It is quite
> obvious from the changes in the other themes what a theme designer needs
> to do to display them.

i realise that it is not that important in the great scheme of things. really 
i do. the point i was making (obviously very badly) is that by closing it 
when not all themes were modified meant that the other themes would probably 
never get modified. keeping the ticket open (as a reminder, if nothing else) 
might have prompted you (or somebody else) to fix it. i suspect that nobody 
looks at closed tickets to see if they are truly closed.

> You may say, but as a user, I'm going to miss that feature if I use that
> theme.  And, well, you're right, but then this is the SVN branch, not a
> release and I can say for sure that the icons missing would be added
> prior to an official release.  Users running SVN branches are expected
> to keep up on -dev and -commit and understand what works perfectly and
> what doesn't as development continues.

i read every last message in commits and dev

> > anyway, comments on -dev are pretty well ignored
> > comments on -commits are not
> > if people spent less time replying to stuff on -commits with comments
> > like "this is not a discussion forum" then this would be a better system
> Far from it.  -dev is quite active and it should be obvious from the
> multitude of tickets closed because of using it as a discussion forum
> that it is not wanted for that purpose in this project.  It would have
> been far more productive to open a Task ticket that was simply "Add HD,
> Stereo, and CC indicators to Minimalist-wide theme" if it was so
> important.  With every tool, there is a proper way to use it and I think
> Isaac has made it clear how he wants Trac used in this project.


> > you might ask why i care (well maybe you won't)?
> > i'm not a developer (apart from some seriously minor stuff a long while
> > ago) nevertheless, i spend about 2-3 hours on myth a day
> > i've spent maybe $10k on hardware (boo hoo hoo i hear you say)
> > so i want myth to be perfect, not the current mess that it is
> >
> > i've held back from making a comment like this for a long time now
> > i realise that i will be ignored from this point forward
> > but, like i say, this is important to me
> It's the us vs. them mentality that more often seems to come from users
> directed at developers that goes a long way towards fostering the type
> of bitterness you seem to have here.  It's too bad that you feel myth is
> a mess and more importantly, feel the need to express that opinion,
> however unsubstantiated in this forum...

i have been using it for over two years now. i am not bitter. well maybe a 
bit. but please don't tell me that users don't get short shift on this (and 
the other mailing lists).


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