[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1139: Add HD, CC,

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Feb 14 18:32:41 UTC 2006

> On Tuesday 14 February 2006 17:14, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> > Well, I won't ask why you care and I'll raise you by saying I don't care
> > why you care. 
> sigh
> that just about sums up the attitude of "the developers" towards "the users"

I'll quote the parts you left out which explains why some of us have that
attitude sometimes.  I guess you didn't read it or you ignored it just like
you ignored the other comment I refer to in this quote:

>>> you might ask why i care (well maybe you won't)?
>>> i'm not a developer (apart from some seriously minor stuff a long while ago)
>>> nevertheless, i spend about 2-3 hours on myth a day
>>> i've spent maybe $10k on hardware (boo hoo hoo i hear you say)
>>> so i want myth to be perfect, not the current mess that it is

>>Well, I won't ask why you care and I'll raise you by saying I don't care
>>why you care.  You apparently haven't listened to the "this is not a
>>discussion forum" comments we've made describing trac and decided to post
>>your comment there instead of the -dev list.  When you disregard developers'
>>requests such as this, it helps to negate any opinion you might have because
>>obviously you don't care about the developers' opinions.

See, once you read my comment in-context, it makes more sense, especially
considering your reply about the dev's attitudes.  You have the read the whole
response.  It's no wonder that some devs have attitudes towards some users
if those users pick and choose what they want to hear or pay attention to.

Anyway, in going with my "don't care" attitude, this is the last time I'll
respond.  I'd venture to say that most users do get support, but the ones
that pay attention don't.  Many of the devs (myself included) post on the
-users list and some of us frequent the #mythtv-users IRC channel as well,
so pretending that the devs treat all users the same is another example
of only hearing what you want to and not looking at the whole picture.
If we are spending our time working on Myth and have to deal with wading
through some user's discussions in our bug tracking system and some 
users only listening to half of what we say, then it does cause us to develop
an attitude towards some users.  Now, I'll expect you to totally ignore the
word "some" in the previous sentence, even as many times as I repeated it,
but that's your problem not mine.

Chris (with an attitude) Pinkham
(who maybe should have used something related to B.A. (bad attitude) Baracus
instead of Captain_Murdoch as his nick today)

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