[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1139: Add HD, CC,

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Feb 14 17:14:31 UTC 2006

> > If you have additional comments, please post to -dev.  This is not a a
> > discussion forum .

> ok, i will
> this is not directed at you specifically, but at the whole process of 
> developing myth
> i realise that at lot of people work very hard (for no reward) to make 
> myth what it is
> but

Since this wasn't directed at Kevin specifically, I felt that I as another
one of the core Myth developers could stick my $0.02 in. :)

> <flame>
> may i ask why this was closed?

Dude, you should have stopped while you were ahead.  I think the heat from
your <flame> got to your head.  He closed it because he committed his (own)
patch to SVN.  He opened the ticket to track a patch that he made.  He
acted on a few suggestions from a user and another developer, and then
committed the modified patch and closed the ticket.

Your "comment" in trac of "the, could i (respectfully) suggest that it is
not fixed, but partially fixed." is gibberish.

> it makes no difference to me (i don't have HD or CC)
> but fixed implies that it is completely "fixed" when it is not
> it is 3/4 fixed
> that is why i reopened it. did you close it because it was in fact 
> completely fixed.
> i don't think so. you closed it because i didn't comment on -dev

If a developer opens a ticket to track their own commits when adding
a new feature, it's up to them (and maybe the other developers in some
cases) to decide when it's fixed or not, not some user who posts gibberish
comments in trac.

> anyway, comments on -dev are pretty well ignored
> comments on -commits are not
> if people spent less time replying to stuff on -commits with comments 
> like "this is not a discussion forum" then this would be a better system

People (ie the devs, myself included) are replying to those because of people
like you who put junk in our bug tracking system.  We don't need to spend our
time reading through clutter like your comment in trac.

> you might ask why i care (well maybe you won't)?
> i'm not a developer (apart from some seriously minor stuff a long while ago)
> nevertheless, i spend about 2-3 hours on myth a day
> i've spent maybe $10k on hardware (boo hoo hoo i hear you say)
> so i want myth to be perfect, not the current mess that it is

Well, I won't ask why you care and I'll raise you by saying I don't care
why you care.  You apparently haven't listened to the "this is not a
discussion forum" comments we've made describing trac and decided to post
your comment there instead of the -dev list.  When you disregard developers'
requests such as this, it helps to negate any opinion you might have because
obviously you don't care about the developers' opinions.

> i've held back from making a comment like this for a long time now
> i realise that i will be ignored from this point forward
> but, like i say, this is important to me
> </flame>

Should have waited some more....

Chris Pinkham

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