[mythtv] Prebuffering pause w/PVR-250 Stream - SVN 8896

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Mon Feb 13 16:51:05 UTC 2006

Tom Lichti wrote:
> Mark Buechler wrote:
>> Check "RecordFilePrefix" in settings.value in your db for your 
>> frontend and make sure it matches your NFS mount where your recordings 
>> are stored. Then run mythfrontend with - v playback and ensure that 
>> ringbuffer isn't opening files with the prefix mythv://...
>> - Mark.
> So with a slave, you couldn't use the same path, correct? i.e. my master 
> saves recordings in /myth/tv, and so does my slave, so I'd have to 
> change my slave path?
> Thanks
> Tom
I've switched my frontend as suggested for streaming, and files now 
playback flawlessly (it used to skip a lot before) from the master (as 
that is what I have mounted under RecordFilePrefix) but anything from my 
slave (mostly LiveTV) is unwatchable via streaming. I can't believe it 
is a hardware issue, this is SDTV from a PVR250, frontend is a P4 2.9, 
1GB RAM, Nvidia 6200GT, 1000BT NIC.

So my question is, how do I get both master and slave recordings to be 
served to a remote frontend via NFS and not streamed? Or how can I debug 
why streaming does not work?


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