[mythtv] Mythtv 0.19 Frontend segfaults

Peter Andersson peter at legio.mine.nu
Mon Feb 13 03:37:01 UTC 2006

I have just downloaded and compiled mythtv 0.19 and get random segfaults
from the frontend while watching recordings/live tv. I have been getting
the same segfaults since svn version 8370. Since i have not upgraded the
svn the errors could have started with versions prior to the 8370 version.
I am currently using svn version 7350 which doesn't have these problems.
I have included a backtrace log. Please let me know if there is something
else you want/need.



These are my system specs:

v4l-dvb cvs from 06-01-24
mysql Version 11.18
QT 3.3
ivtv Version 0.4.2
CPU 3.2 ghz intel pentium 4 prescott
1 gb ram
Fedora core 3
Nvidia driver from tuesday the 22/11 2005

Compile options:
--enable-mmx --enable-dvb --dvb-path=/mythtv/install/v4l-dvb/linux/include
--enable-dvb-eit --enable-xvmc --enable-opengl-vsync
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