[mythtv] Unable to Add Override via MythWeb

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Sun Feb 12 21:20:09 UTC 2006

Quoting Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net>:

>> In that case, I don't know what you're doing wrong.  I just tested it on
>> my machine with no problem (I happen to have a power search to record
>> only certain olympic events, and was able to enable some that conflicted
>> with other higher-priority shows).
> Let me rephrase this while I'm slightly more awake...   Please explain
> what exactly what you're doing/seeing so we can figure out what's not
> working.
> -Chris.

Basically, what happened was that I noticed the hockey game I was 
recording was going to run late and for the first time I was going to 
take advantage of the ability to extend an in-progress recording.  I 
went to MythWeb and didn't see an option to do it so I did it from my 
frontend machine.  I noticed that the way the recording is extended is 
to add an override.  With that in mind I then went to MythWeb just to 
try it from there (now that I knew it was nothing more than an override 
to be created).

When I select the program it loads the details page, but the override 
options are not presented, instead I get a message in red at the top 
saying, "This program is already scheduled to be recorded via a custom 

The display of the override options is suppressed by the if block 
starting at line 44 of modules/tv/detail.php.  This if block prints the 
red message and unsets the $schedule variable.  With $schedule set to 
NULL, the override options are suppressed.

I was going to just create a new recording rule with the extended 
recording time, but wasn't sure if that was going to work (nor did I 
try it in fear of messing up the in-progress recording).

  - Derek

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