[mythtv] Unable to Add Override via MythWeb

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Sun Feb 12 06:37:14 UTC 2006

Most of my recording rules are Power Search rules and it seems that 
within MythWeb when a scheduled recording matches one of these rules 
the option to set an override for it is not presented.  I've found the 
code that does this in MythWeb and it's rather explicit in forcing this 
so I assume there's a reason for it.  But since it appears that 
recording times are extended via an override, for example, it would be 
nice to be able to do this kind of operation via MythWeb.

Before I start tracing through the code, is there a quick explanation 
as to why Power Search rules don't allow overrides via MythWeb?  If 
it's something that can be addressed then I'd be willing to address it.

  - Derek

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