[mythtv] MPEG question.help/advice detecting mpeg sequence end code in avformatdecoder

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 16:21:45 UTC 2006


Not sure if I should ask this on the ffmpeg alias first or here.
I'm new to MPEG, so whatever advice/direction anyone can give will be

I'm working on DVD menu support for the internal dvd player. I ran into the
problem described in
URL: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.ffmpeg.devel/24165

Currently I'm using the following patch to address the issue.

Index: libs/libavcodec/parser.c
--- libs/libavcodec/parser.c    (revision 8910)
+++ libs/libavcodec/parser.c    (working copy)
@@ -486,7 +486,7 @@
     ParseContext *pc= &pc1->pc;
     int next;

-    if(s->flags & PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES){
+    if((s->flags & PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES) || buf_size == 4){
         next= buf_size;
         next= ff_mpeg1_find_frame_end(pc, buf, buf_size);


My question:

FFMPEG has a parser flag PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES. I would like to not
modify the parser.c file at all, but somehow find a way to  activate the
codec parser flag
to PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES just before the dvd reads the end sequence
code, then set it back to zero again so it can decode normal video frames.

Is there some variable in AVCodec or the other ffmpeg structures used by
avformatdecoder.cpp, that
I can use to tell me that "hey, the next video frame is gonna be the
sequence end code, set the codec parser flag to PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES,
before reading the frame..."

many thanks.
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