[mythtv] Duplicate check error, not yet broadcasted shows marked as already recorded

Rickard Borgmäster doktorn at sub.nu
Wed Feb 8 16:36:12 UTC 2006

Oscar Carlsson wrote:
> Then it's probably better to rebuild the db, works without any problems
> here.

By rebuilding it, I suppose the best thing is to drop it and have
mythtv-setup create it from start?

Strange thing though. I've run the mc.sql script to set up the initial
database. But the script doesn't set up the initial tables. So I thought
mythtv-setup should take care of that. But when I run mythtv-setup I get
errors like this:

No error type from QSqlError?  Strange...
2006-02-08 17:30:51.998 DB Error (simpledbstorage update):
Query was:

No error type from QSqlError?  Strange...
2006-02-08 17:30:53.167 DB Error (checkStoragePaths):
Query was:
SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value='RecordFilePrefix' AND hostname =
Driver error was [2/1146]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Table 'mythconverg.settings' doesn't exist

What process is responsible for setting up the tables? I might be
missing something here, but as this looks, it seems impossible to set up
a new system from scratch with SVN, unless there is a database present

Best regards
Rickard Borgmäster

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