[mythtv] Program Guide, DVD burning, and fast forwarding (rewinding)

mythtv@merkx.demon.nl mythtv at merkx.demon.nl
Wed Feb 8 08:07:19 UTC 2006


Are you using a windowmanager in X? I have this same "off-center" problem
with the EPG when I use a windowmanager in X.

No windowmanager: no EPG shift for me.
(although I must admit I have only tried one or two windowmanagers; I
don't really need one on my mythbox).


> By "off-center" I mean that the program guide is shifted to the left and
> up.  I had to play with some settings to get the GUI centered on the
> screen
> but it didn't change anything for the program guide.  Now that I think of
> it
> I had to change some settings to get the onscreen displays (i.e. that menu
> that appears when you press the info button) to display right.  BTW, I
> know
> I cross posted but I hadn't seen anything in regards to these issues on
> either archive.  Any ideas on the other two issues (DVD burning, and fast
> forwarding (rewinding))?  Thanks for all your help so far!

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