[mythtv] Storage Groups functionality

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Feb 7 04:38:36 UTC 2006

> If there are multiple storage units, MythTV should run a little one time 
> performance test for each storage volume when the drives are idle.  Maybe 
> bonnie++ or some such utility.  Preference could be given to the fastest storage 
> volumes for HD recordings.

Speaking for myself, this is way too indepth.  There are too many things
that could affect this and too much logic required in Myth.  I doubt you'd
see any of the core developers implementing this.

> Maybe instead of straight round robin, a recording will go to the storage 
> volumes that has the most available free space.

This method was listed in my original email.

> It would also be nice to tell it to balance the recordings amoung the volumes 
> when MythTV is idle.  For maintenence purposes it would be good to tell Myth to 
> move all the recordings from one volume to the rest in case you need to take 
> that volume off line.

Again, this is quite a bit of logic and code for very little gain, I doubt you'll
see anything like this anytime soon.  Maybe as a user-contributed script that was
run from cron, but not in Myth itself.  If you use most-available-free-space as
your load-balancing method, then there is no need to waste time shuffling files
around at night because new recordings will fill in the "gaps" left by deleting
recordings, so your file systems should stay fairly equal over time.


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