[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1219: LiveTV takes a while to start, and video jerks forwards

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Mon Feb 6 23:59:24 UTC 2006


Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Monday 06 February 2006 02:21, Stutty wrote:

> That's pefectly expected of the people using a release, I'd just like to get 
> more from the people who are tracking SVN.  Just really discouraging - it's 
> rather hard to even get people to tell what revision they're using a good 
> chunk of the time. =(

You have a very fair point, I would love to help out more but I know I 
can't.  In fact, I'd much rather run 0.18.1 stable rather than use SVN, 
but 0.18.1 doesn't have DVB subtitle support and I rely 100% on digital 
subtitles - no subtitles = TV is totally unwatchable for me.  Of course, 
once 0.19 is released, I'm going to stay on there and forget all about SVN.

I totally understand your frustrations and they're justified IMO, but if 
we don't post bugs somewhere, you ppl won't know what is broken.  Maybe 
make it clearer where to post bugs so you ppl can vet them?  *shrugs*. 
We all do appreciate all your work though ;)  Muchos fantastic!

Cheers - Piers

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