[mythtv] Commercial flagging, shutdowns & lost recordings

Matthew Carle matthew_carle at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 6 00:52:05 UTC 2006

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> There was a bug,  may still be in current svn not sure,  in 
> the shutdown stuff 
> where the backend assumes the 'server halt command' 
> succeeded. If it fails the backend
> gets stuck in a limbo state and never restarts the shutdown 
> sequence which it looks like 
> what happened to your system. On a properly configured system 
> it should never be a 
> problem.  
> Paul H.

In my case it didn't even try to run the nvram-wakeup command until the
commercial flagging had completed. The server halt command followed this
immediately and worked fine. I still don't understand the behaviour. I've
had a look in the current svn code and can't see anything that would cause
this (my c++ is pretty bad though). 'mythshutdown --check' should avoid the
problem if it still exists in 0.19 anyway.


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