[mythtv] Compiling on AMD64

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Feb 3 10:38:55 UTC 2006

Greg Turnquist wrote:
> Does this patch handle the fact that certain ADM64 system DO put their
> native 64-bit libraries in /lib? I have debian64, and that is where they
> are. The only time I had to work around it was for the 64-bit nVidia
> drivers. Since I had no 32-bit stuff, I just made a softlink /lib64
> -> /lib, and have had no problems since.
> I would be cautious about any kind of build patch that assumes something
> varying between distros.

Yes, I appreciated that this would be the case.

In the latest patches on #1198, I've changed nothing by default and 
added the option to rename the "lib" part of the libdir. I pass 
--libdir-name="lib64" on my machine.

I updated the patch to handle all this gracefully. So should be OK for
commit, but I'd hope people test it thoroughly before it's rolled out
into e.g. 0.19. I would sleep easier if it was to wait until 0.20, 
unless enough people are happy with the changes (it should be obvious to 
audit the patch to see if I've done anything silly.

As a side effect, it will also it will allow Mac OSX to give the "lib" 
folder a Maccy name like
"Libraries" :)

It would also theoretically support the structure Axel mentioned:
> Debian and therefore Ubuntu suffer from one of the infinite debates on
> how to solve this better than all the rest. Debian's suggestion is to
> use /lib/i386-linux and /lib/x86_64-linux.

I could pass --libdir-name="lib/x86_64-linux" to configure (I've changed
a sed expression that used / delimiters to use , delimiters to avoid an 
invalid sed expression if you use a / in the libdir-name arg).

If people could make sure that the patch works for them on i586 etc. as 
well as on their flavour of x86_64 (with the relevent arguments) that 
would be grand.

When I think about it now, an additional improvment would be to add 
autodetection of the /lib64 or /usr/lib64 and automatically setting 
libdir_name accordingly.

e.g. Putting this line near the top of the configure files where the 
default values are set...

if [ x`uname -m` = x"x86_64" -a -d /lib64 -a -d /usr/lib64 ]; then



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