[mythtv] Deb builds from SVN?

Johnny Strom jonny.strom at netikka.fi
Fri Feb 3 09:08:37 UTC 2006

Buzz wrote:
> I created a 2 .spec files for building nightlies/etc from SVN into rpms. You
> could use 'alien' to convert these to debs, I suppose. Dozen lines of shell
> code at most, I'd expect... with the right pre-requisites installed.
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Building_RPMS_from_SubVersion
> http://www.kitenet.net/programs/alien/
> Good luck.
> Buzz.


Is there any work being done to make real .deb files for sarge when 0.19 
is out?


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>>I started this, but the PowerPc guys took the package space 
>>on alioth a few hours or so before I did. I sent the creator 
>>a message seeing if we could share the space, but he never 
>>responded to me. I was hoping to get something in the works, 
>>but I am in my last semester of college and I don't think I 
>>will have time to devote to the project until the summer.
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>>>Is anyone working on making debs available for more recent 
>>versions of 
>>>MythTV?  Or even better, an apt-get source for nightlies, e.g. what 
>>>VLC does.
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