[mythtv] MythWeb Playlist manager

Jason Kania jason.kania at rogers.com
Fri Feb 3 03:58:22 UTC 2006

  I was looking around for a way to offer code submissions up for  inclusion in the distribution, but did not see how to get access to CVS  or a place to offer up code. I tried to look on Sourceforge, but the  site was timing out so I am not sure what is there.
  I have written some php, javascript and java web pages for allowing  users to manage their mp3s from a remote node. Users can upload music  files, create and modify playlists, etc.
  Please let me know the means by which this project manages the  submission process so that I can provide this code should it be  acceptable. I would like all the work I put into it to be used by  others (and to be in future distributions so I don't have to remake by  changes).
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