[mythtv] mythfilldatabase fails with tv_grab_de_tvtoday

Lorenz Hahn lorenz at gesindel.org
Thu Feb 2 22:34:07 UTC 2006

Otto Bommer wrote:
> Since a week the following error occurs with mythfilldatabase on my machine:
> grabbing: Died at /usr/bin/tv_grab_de_tvtoday line 681.
> ------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
> Error in 4:201: unexpected end of file
> Updating icons for sourceid: 1
> My workaround is to remove the --slow option in 
> programs/mythfilldatabase/filldata.cpp
> < command.sprintf("nice %s --slow --days 1 --config-file |%s| --offset %d --output %s",
>>command.sprintf("nice %s --days 1 --config-file |%s| --offset %d --output %s",
> However, I think this is not the proper fix.
> Has this occured to anybody of you.

Yeah, me too. I also tried to track the problem down to it's source, but
 have not succeeded.

Some detaills that may help our successor:

I'm using the current xmltv debian package.

I had to comment out lines 683 ans 684 due to some values that let the
script die. Now these are all ignored - we've got no use for ShowView

I also commented out line 755 to omit warnings of unknown features like
Dolby Surround.

In /usr/share/perl5/XML/Writer.pm I've modified sub
_croakUnlessDefinedCharacters in line 767 to ignore Code point \u0000
that is not allowed in .xml files, but since I've got no perl skills ant
don't know what exactly I was doing here, I'm pretty sure that I've failed.

When the Code point check is disabled, mythfilldatabase reports 1479:21
as unexpected end of file, when the check is enabled it fails at
1479:939 while fetching the same day.


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