[mythtv] MythRoku - trying to mimic mythfrontend frame seeking

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Thu Feb 2 06:20:53 UTC 2006

On 2/1/06, Daniel Walton wrote:
> So when the frontend begins to play a recording it queries the SQL database for
> the frame<->offset info?  I imagine it also queries for the commercial skip info
> at this time too.  Are there any documents of the syntax of these queries?
Yes.  the mythfrontend does something like:
select mark,offset from recordedmarkup where chanid=xxx and
starttime=yyy and type=zzz

type can be:
7: keyframe (mark is based on the keyframe number)
9: byframe (mark is based on the actual frame number)
4: commercial start
5: comeercial end

You also need to get the cutlist via:
select cutlist from recorded where chanid = xxx and starttime = yyy

As I said though, this is likely notthe ideal way to do things for the
photobridge, especially because if type '7' was used, it'll have a
hard time determining where it is.  Of course after 0.19 is released,
type '7' will likely go away, which will make this much easier. to
deal with.

For reference:  type 7 was orginally designed for recoridng with a
PVR250 (which is pretty reliable at keeping a fixed distance between
gops) but it can't be used for DVB or ATSC (or transcoded material),
and it isn't reliably applied on some of these types of material (for
these we use type 9).  Plus it makes jumps more complicated because
myth needs to keep track of 2 different methods of doing the same
thing.  In a desire to make flagging/cutting more accurate, we will
likely try to remove the type 7 stuff.


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