[mythtv] Number of channles in Program Guide does not obay it's setting when in Live TV mode. Possible fix?

Zdzislaw Gorlicki zdzisekg at comcast.net
Thu Dec 21 06:04:08 UTC 2006

I new it had something to do with the video window, just didn't know 
why. I guess it makes sense if you assume the size of the grid is 
different for the two modes of the program guide., but I think it would 
be better to leave that to the theme to handle.

 I'm in the process of creating a new theme and this creates the 
opposite effect as my theme has erectly the same size grid for both 
modes and I end up with different sized rows in each menu. As I'm trying 
to use a frame around channel icons it creates a problem as the icons 
are different size in each mode and don't line up with the frame. I 
guess the best way to work around it would be to have separate settings 
for each mode other wise I'll have to workaround this in a theme, but 
will the OSD program guide always have one row less?


Bruce Markey wrote:
> Zdzislaw Gorlicki wrote:
>> just as the topic say, when I change the number of channels to be 
>> displayed in Program Guide from 5 to 6, the setting is not obeyed when 
>> in Live TV. Looking at the code in guidegrid.cpp, when I commented out 
>> lines 196 and 197, the problem is fixed. What is the purpose of these 
>> two lines of code?
>> Code:
>> 194         int dNum = gContext->GetNumSetting("chanPerPage", 8);
>> 195    
>> 196         if (m_player && m_player->IsRunning() && allowsecondaryepg)
>> 197             dNum = dNum * 2 / 3 + 1;
>> 198    
>> 199         desiredDisplayChans = DISPLAY_CHANS = dNum;
> The OSD EPG has a video pane in the upper right. The UI EPG
> does not. Therefore, the grid area is shorter in the OSD.
> The number is the number of rows in the UI version and is
> scaled down for the OSD so that the hight if each row is
> relatively the same in both versions.
> --  bjm
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