[mythtv] BBC series link

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Sun Dec 17 16:06:50 UTC 2006

David Matthews wrote:

>The BBC is now broadcasting some form of series link information in the 
>EIT.  It seems to be based on ETSI TS 102 323 (TV-Anytime).  The 
>information is carried in a "dvb content identifier" descriptor (0x76) 
>in the EIT which contains one or two content identifiers (CRIDs).  These 
>CRIDs have type codes 0x31 and 0x32 which are "User private" types 
>according to TS 102 323.  However, it seems that the 0x31 descriptor 
>corresponds to the programId and the 0x32 descriptor (approximately) to 
>the seriesId so I've been experimenting with adding these into the 
>"program" table.  The programId works pretty well and does avoid some 
>duplicate recordings that would otherwise have happened because of 
>slight differences in the subtitle or description text.
>I'm not happy about proposing this as a patch because of the use of the 
>private types.  I guess the BBC could change this at any time.  Does 
>anyone have any more information about this?
Generally speaking the private types are pretty stable. changing them 
implies changing all the STB's that make use of them. That is a 
significant action..... Even on a set of 400 field test units, i've seen 
some units run an old SW image half a year after a new image had been 



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