[mythtv] Updating two datasources with a single xmltv file

KaZeR kazer at altern.org
Wed Dec 13 20:54:49 UTC 2006

Hi people,

I have two datasources, both for my pvr350's card.
The first one is for the broadcast-over-air channels (binded to the tuner).
The second one is for the channels from my cable box, binded to the 
svideo input. (e.g. : Discovery Channel).

I've set up my channels accordingly, and it all works fine (for now...)
Now if i try to update my tv guide datas (i use a xmltv file) i need at 
the moment to specify which source to update :
e.g.: mythfilldatabase -f <sourceid> <offset> tvguide.xml

When doing this, it recreates a channel Discovery channel, binded to the 
first input. All programs informations are binded to this channel, which 
is new, and don't have a freqid nor a channum.

Same thing applies when updating with the second sourceid.

Does anyone have a solution? Why does it needs so hard to recreate a 
channel, when the xmltv_id is set and is correct?

Thanks in advance :)


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