[mythtv] OS X 10.3 and MythTV 0.20

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Tue Dec 12 12:52:51 UTC 2006

On Dec 11, 2006, at 10:17 PM, Nigel Pearson wrote:

> I committed a hacky patch in osx-packager.pl at the weekend.
> Just an update to that script should mean your automated
> builds are 10.3 safe(*)
> It applies a patch to the MythTV source code it checks out,
> so it should work on both SVN head, and 0.20-fixes
> (although I haven't tested the latter).
Trying SVN head right now.   I hadn't noticed, but my automated  
builds have failed since 11/27...  woops.  I'll try to pay more  
attention.   After the SVN Head completes, I'll do a fixes build just  
to check things out.  Thanks for the heads up.

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