[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2759: master_iconmap update for Australia

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Sun Dec 3 19:48:30 UTC 2006

On Sunday 03 December 2006 19:29, MythTV wrote:
> #2759: master_iconmap update for Australia
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>- Reporter:  paulx at andreassen.com.au  |        Owner:  ijr
>      Type:  patch                    |       Status:  closed
>  Priority:  minor                    |    Milestone:  unknown
> Component:  mythtv                   |      Version:  0.20
>  Severity:  medium                   |   Resolution:  fixed
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>- Comment (by Simon Kenyon):
>  does this last comment not point to a small design problem

Arguably a big design problem. I've made this same point, several times, in 
IRC when it was suggested that the UK icon grabber was unnecessary and the 
iconmap script used instead.

The iconmap stuff needs to be made aware of locality - either by asking the 
user to pick from a list when it is run or by looking for location info (if 
it exists in some form) in the database.

It would also be better in the UK and also in other European countries to use 
the channel name instead of the callsign. The callsign is often too long and 
many users edit it.
Stuart Morgan

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