[mythtv] Current SVN DVB-S zapping problems (diseqc?)

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Thu Aug 31 08:24:13 UTC 2006

Lukas Kasprowicz wrote:
> New try. It was my fault yesterday (wrong module).
> In attached files with debug=39 zapped from 898 to 12003 with mythtv-10131 in 
> working_kernel.log.bz2 and zapping from 12003 to 898 with mythtv-10132 in 
> notworking_kernel.log.bz2
This was with debug=39 on stv0299? the stv0299 module only takes debug=0 
or debug=1, and it doesn't handle the voltage changes. It's the 
b2c2-flexcop module that takes the crazy bitmask debug (which you seemed 
to get voltage change indications from with debug=2)... I think you had 
the right module yesterday.

sorry if I wasn't clear about which modules took what parameters.


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