[mythtv] MacOS X MMX yuv420_2vuy Patch

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Wed Aug 30 02:26:31 UTC 2006

> Hmm, is it possible that the Mac video output class
> is not accounting for resolution changes completely?

	Good thought. Possible, but I have not tested that.
(need an appropriate stream).

>  This could
> cause a crash when switching between channels with different
> resolutions when using a digital recorder.

	I thought changing channels re-initialised
enough stuff that it wouldn't cause the problem.
One channel changing its own resolution though, might.

	There is also another bug that I encountered once
which seemed to indicate the pause buffer was corrupt.
Thought it was related to our buffer allocation changes.
Will have to add some if (blah).

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